Prism Holographic Tear Tape

High Impact Holographic Tape Range

Prism Holo Silver WebThe Prism family of holographic tear tapes incorporates a selected range of decorative gold and silver holographic film with exciting, visually stunning dimensional effects. 
The sparkling prismatic patterns create play and movement of light stimulating sensation and can incorporate print for a high impact, premium effect in the retail environment where on-pack appeal is a key element of the marketing mix.

Three base patterns are available:

These base designs exist as standard products, meaning that there are no holographic origination charges, making this a low cost way of adding a high-impact holographic feature to packaging.
Prism Tape Bobbin 4
For a more striking on-pack appearance, a de-metallised version of Prism, known as Prism Ultra is available in both gold and silver.


Key Benefits:

  • Eye-catching holographic images provide maximum shelf impact and product differentiation
  • Standard house designs offer fast implementation on pack
  • Bespoke holographic designs can carry branding for "halo" effect
  • As an IHMA member, we can register bespoke designs for counterfeit protection
  • Added security via combinations of holographic features


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