Open - Easy Open Packaging

What will your customers remember about your packaging, product and – ultimately – your brand?


With 52% of consumers naming difficulty opening packaging as their most common frustration, “wrap rage” is a growing problem. Indeed 40% of European consumers will not buy over-packaged products.

And hard-to-open packaging can also lead to damaged and wasted contents. Yet nothing beats the convenience of successful packaging, the sensory pleasure of opening a pack, and the release of the contents’ fresh aroma.

  • Supastrip Tear Tape

    From biscuits to gum to chocolate bars and more Supastrip® is the market-leading tape-based opening device for flexible packaging.

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  • Vaktape Tear Tape

    From cheese to fish to meats and more Vaktape is the market-leading tape-based opening device for hermetically-sealed packaging.

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  • Rippatape Tear Tape

    From mailers to envelopes to transit boxes and more Rippatape™ is the original market-leading tape-based opening device for board and paper-based packaging.

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