Rippatape Tear Tape


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Rippatape™ is a self-adhesive tear tape, which gives fast, safe and immediate access to the contents of corrugated and fibreboard packaging such as shelf ready packaging.

Market Leader

From mailers to envelopes to transit boxes and more Rippatape™ is the original market leading tape-based opening device for board and paper-based packaging.

Intuitive to use and easy to implement Rippatape™
has been making consumers lives easier and safer
around the world for over 50 years.

Time Saving

Rippatape can be used to provide shelf-ready packaging for transit boxes, removing the need for unpacking and increasing the speed from warehouse to store shelf.

A wide range of tear tapes are available to suit most applications and grades of board.

The tape can also be printed as a means of adding value to your brand (subject to minimum order quantities).

Rippatape Boxes 

Key advantages


  • Provides a safer means of opening corrugated and fibreboard boxes.

  • Quick access into the corrugated boxes speeds up shelf stocking

  • Enhances pack strength by reinforcing weaker areas of the box and eliminating the need for perforations

  • Cost effective solution compared to fibre based tape opening solutions

  • Corrugated containers can be transformed into display trays with 'clean' edges for effective shelf positioning as part of a 'clean-cut' system, helping to maintain a clean edge on the outer liner


Click HERE to see a video of the application process on a corrugated line.


Case studies

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