Supastrip Tear Tape


From biscuits to gum to chocolate bars and more Supastrip is the market-leading tear tape opening device for easy opening of flexible packaging. Intuitive to use and easy to implement, Supastrip has been making consumers lives easier around the world for over 20 years. Supastrip offers easy opening for all flexible packaging, to get to the contents quickly and reduce frustration.


Supastrip can be supplied with full dispensing systems for trouble-free application, even at the fastest wrapping speeds.

For additional impact we are pleased to offer our horseshoe tab which ensures the starting tab protrudes from the side of the pack, making the opening process even faster and more satisfying.


Key Benefits:


  • Provides quick and easy access to the product when tape is pulled
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive bonds on contact with the film giving a visually enhanced, wrinkle-free appearance on the finished pack
  • Ideal medium for Branding & Communications opportunities, enabling tear tape to become a cost effective marketing tool

Case Studies 

Printed Hot Melt Teat Tape Is Company's First

Payne tear tape provides added easy opening and security for US consumers