Vaktape Tear Tape


From cheese to fish to meats and more Vaktape™ is the market-leading tear tape opening device for hermetically-sealed packaging. Vaktape™ is manufactured from a high strength specialised film, which is designed to tear through the range of filmic laminates used in hermetic packaging.  Vaktape™ is manufactured under strict hygienic conditions in accordance with  Essentra Packaging’s hygiene procedures.


It provides a safe, simple and efficient means of opening the pack and speeds up the process of accessing the product.

Intuitive to use and easy to implement Vaktape provides the ideal combination of easy opening and airtight pack freshness. 






Key Benefits:


  • The components of Vaktape™ comply with US and European food contact regulations for packaging materials

  • Vaktape™ has its own specially developed application system which is easily retrofitted onto most wrapping machines for hermetically sealed packaging.

  • The unique tape construction ensures an airtight bond with the film during the packaging process thus maintaining pack freshness.


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